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4 April 1982
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This is mostly a fandom journal. I may write about 'real life' from time to time, when I don't want to share with my usual group, or when I feel like multi-posting. Those will be friends-locked, so if you want to get to know ME, feel free to friend me, the odds are very good that I'll friend you back.

Otherwise, this journal will mostly be used for posting fan-fics, fic recs, raving about TV or movies or books, and rec-ing icons. This'll also be the journal I use to enter any challenges or exchanges for fan fiction. All of this will be...well, NOT friends only. So feel free to tune in without friending, if you want.

The fandoms:
Harry Potter
American Idol
Grey's Anatomy
Degrassi: TNG
Doctor Who
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Pushing Daisies
Private Practice
The Lord of the Rings
Robin Hood (BBC)

And, potentially, many others!
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