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Oh, Sarah Connor Chronicles, how did I forget how much I loved you? Brian Austin Green, you're a lovely lovely man and a brilliant actor and I still adore you. 90210 never did you justice. You may need to come to a game with me. Lots of games are looking for older characters. ...right? Lena Headey, you can kick ass for me ANYTIME. We all know how Thomas Dekker has won my heart. I always thought he was cute, but he's a pretty phenomenal actor. He'll also make a delightful PB. And Summer Glau... Well. You can't say much more for her. She's what makes this show. Not only is she perfectly creepy (watching Firefly, you can see how she got the part!) but she also provides a lot of comic relief.

Not to mention my adoration of their guest stars. Jonathan Jackson, I do miss you. Quit doing stupid guest appearances and go replace the crappy new Lucky on GH. You're cuter with Liz anyway.

Ooh, I also just downloaded an unreleased Jon McLaughlin track. Apparently it didn't make it on his CD, but Beyonce recorded it and it went on hers. Um, no? She also changed the title and nothing but the title and got 'song-writing' credit. Mmmm hmm.

Now that I have solid internet on my laptop again, I should get back to trying to upload all of my music files. I got pretty far, but yeeeeah not enough. I ALSO need to get my CD drive working (AGAIN wtf) and get Jon's new one, as well as David Cook and the new Nickelback. (Because I am not quite myself without 'Gotta Be Somebody' on here!)

I ALSO should be working on cleaning the rabbit cages. Alas, I am not. Erm. Maybe tomorrow? I worked out with Missy, my trainer, for an hour this morning and then did 35 minutes on the bike, so I'm all kinds of worn out. If I vow to take in the Christmas decorations today AND try and vacuum at least the downstairs, though, that seems a pretty good compromise. Yeah.

Alright, back to Sarah Connor, cause I've missed her immensely.

OH OH AND THEY'VE ANNOUNCED THE NEW DOCTOR!!!! I'm still stunned at how young he is, but he's pretty cute and I can already see me trying to find a character to use him for. David shouldn't have my Doctor PBing streak, after all! This is him, if anyone's curious. Post-warts Sirius Black, anyone? An even better picture, if you ask me. NOW to see who the new companion is. (As I told Dena, if it's someone a lot older, it'll be weirdish. If it's someone young and cute, though? The shippers will unite)
Most people who know me KNOW I hate shopping at Wal-Mart. But one of my Christmas gifts (from my sister-in-law's parents) was a Wal-Mart gift card. They are totally forgiven, it's got penguins in a snowglobe on the front! Anywho, I just used it to buy Prince Caspian (which Mom forgot, but she is ALSO forgiven as we're going tomorrow to get my Lifestyle Gym membership) and a Dance Off the Inches: Bellydance DVD. I had a really great bellydancing VHS, but since I don't have one hooked up anymore, the DVD was necessary. And since Mom got me a MoRockin CD at EPCOT (I love those guys!), learning the skill would be helpful. But the best part is, both qualified for Site-to-Store, which is Wal-Mart's most ingenious thing ever. Shopping at Wal-Mart with none of the store!rage and none of the shipping prices.

Which reminds me, I got all angstypants after EPCOT and never posted. I honest-to-goodness got hit on TWICE. Color me stunned! But the guy in Morocco was just amazing, fawning all over me and pulling out my chair at lunch and man... He was pretty cute, too! I've figured out why the Moroccan men go for me; I'm usually with my mom. Moroccan culture typically looks up to the elders and therefore, look for women who will take care of the elders. Pushing my mom in a wheelchair is NOT supposed to be a babe magnet, but I'll take it! I also flirted with the guy at the toy shop in England (...yum, we were talking books, is there anything hotter?) and the girl who put us on the Soarin' ride was pretty smexy too. And, er, right, we went to see Abigail Breslin. So uh, as I was saying, Abigail was adorable though the sound guy should be shot in the foot. Her audio kept drifting in and out, it was awful. :(

Doctor's appointment today: DOWN ANOTHER 3 POUNDS!!! I'm stunned. I kinda gaped at her. I FEEL heavier, I've slacked on the exercise AND the eating well and the water drinking the last several days so I am more than a little surprised. But pleased! Especially since now I'm more determined than ever to get back to normal.

Christmas was good. Really good. No fighting (except finally confessing to my cousin that I think Smeyer is full of glorified fanfic-writing crap) and Mykayla and I hung out a lot. She actually came out and told me she thinks it's funny how she and I are more alike than she and either of her parents are, which is definitely true. She RPs, she reads like a mad woman, she makes soundtracks for her characters, she writes fanfic and some original fiction...and she's eleven. And no, before anyone assumes, I didn't get her into ANY of this. I discovered she did each on her own but we just click from there. Camden and I played a lot, too. Deal or No Deal AND his new VTech v.Smile Lion King game. It was awesome, overall. My chipped beef dip went over REALLY well, everyone loved it and Kim even kept the leftovers. And, despite all but falling apart on me, my jell-o cake went over really well, too.

...oh, and I just joined Columbia House. It was only 10 bucks to sign up and that was buy one DVD set, get one free. I got the Complete Jane Austen collection, which is all the BBC movies of Jane Austen (Carey, Felicity, Dan, Billie, OH MY!) AND the first season of seaQuest, DSV (Jon, may you RIP). Now I just need to buy 4 at regular club price in 2 years. Even poor I can manage that!

I've been writing this forever and replying to people and watching TV in the process. Time to walk the dogs, possibly nap, and get up and Cardio Salsa if I can manage it. Yep. Then I'll be back!
So let's pretend for a moment that I haven't neglected this journal severely (with the exception of music snagging comms and [Bad username: rarepairs_shorts]...)


Especially those of you I don't get to talk to much, just know I'm thinking of you regardless. I may hate the crazy-busy time before Christmas, but I love Christmas itself. ♥

I'll try for a REAL update later (TARA, I got hit on in Morocco AGAIN!) but now I have two dozen Christmas gifts to wrap that I uh, should've already done. :)


Sep. 30th, 2008

This is seriously...I don't even know. I've been in a very weird mood. I want to do things. But I don't. I'm the Queen O'Apathy right now. Which means, it is meme time.

- Comment on this post, and ask me to give you a letter.

- Think of 5 fictional characters beginning with that letter, and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

gatafairy gave me an S...which I feel should be easier than it was!
Now I know my ABCs...and am not opposed to you all doing this so I can get more letters...Collapse )

And in better news, in 20 more minutes I will OFFICIALLY be covered by insurance. Up first, my PCP, next new glasses, perhaps a trip to the dentist, and DEFINITELY OMG chiropractor. The hard part: making these appointments.
x-posted from my IJ

UPDATE: Since I never actually announced it here...

Tuesday evening I was walking the dogs and attempting to change my ringtone. At the same time. Meaning both dogs in one hand, phone in the other. In theory, this is ordinarily an okay thing. In practice, the little yapper dog across the street starts barking his brain out. Murphy tries to go after him, and in my effort to put the leash back in the other hand, he slips away and runs off. I go across the street to get him but I still have Maddie who is not so much friendly and I have to keep her away from the neighbors and their dogs while still getting Murphy. I grabbed the first thing I could...which was the chord on his leash. His retractable leash. They come with a warning that says, 'don't touch the chord'. They say that for a reason. I grab it, Murphy keeps running, and SLICE. I have two gaping holes in my hand and other places where it looks burnt but not open.

So my hand is wrapped in gauze and then more gauze and tape and loads of antibiotic cream. Which will help it heal (we hope) and help relieve the pain (we assume, but this is a lie). HOWEVER it also slows my typing down considerably. It also limits tons of other things and makes others totally awkward. Eating soup with my left hand is no fun and I rarely have to use a pen but I have today and it's awful. I haven't gone to the doctor (as my insurance doesn't kick in till October 1) and while I COULD go to the Urgent Care clinic, I am not looking forward to paying out-of-pocket until AFLAC reimburses me. Especially if it turns out to be nothing other than what I'm doing; keep it from getting infected and then wait for the skin to heal over.

On that note, please to be forgiving slowness in replies, lack of comments (I AM reading, you guys are what I do when bored!), and rarity of entries. I have a few threads in-progress and that is slow-going as it is. Worse from the work computer, oddly enough, raised keyboards seem to require more flexibility and range of motion. And let's not even get into the mouse.

Now we are all updated! That was more fun in theory.
For all of my Who fans, big screen Tennant coming to a theater near you?

Everyone else probably already knew this. And if you did, SHAME ON YOU for not telling me. I vote for a different companion, however.

Now. Do I really want to change my beautiful trusty wallpaper that I've had for ages to a Pushing Daisies Season 2 promo one? Lee and Anna are gorgeous, there's no denying this. Mmm. Change is good, right? RIGHT?

I also (finally) got my rarepair_shorts request in. I'm actually really excited, I haven't done a fic exchange since my BSC writing days, and even then I was too chicken to request anything. I only did a 'pinch-hitter' role, since someone had requested something that no one else could write. Which was just sad, but I really liked what I came up with, AND I ended up getting something written for me just the same. (Thank you, gatafairy!) I'm looking forward to that challenge, that feeling you get when you're matched with someone's interests and just told to run with them, even though they may be pretty different from your own. I saw a few requests I know I'd love to get, though, so I'm pretty excited. We'll see.

Whoa. LJ fills in your tags for you!

(Anyone know why my last.fm thingie won't fill in for me?)

Sep. 5th, 2008

You know, if Sarah Palin were a man, no one would give a damn which glasses frames she wore. I do not believe they just sat and analyzed her frames and talked about how she 'made sure' to get them from an Alaskan frame-maker.

I'm moving.


So, only 3 (?) 2 (I looked it up, it's 15 days!) weeks until Brisingr comes out. And after the 'wtf' style ending of Eldest, I'm a LITTLE nervous, but I'm mostly excited. I almost squealed out loud at the bookstore when I saw it in the Coming Soon because I'm a bad fan and don't check up on these things.

Possible Eldest SpoilersCollapse )

And, in related news, Christopher Paolini is kind of hot, which makes me feel a bit pervy considering he's pretty young. BUT LEGAL! S'all I'm asking is legal.

Edit: Brilliant news--he's actually only a year younger than me! This makes me feel lame and a terrible writer, but there you have it
One Tree Hill? Why? Granted, Jamie Scott is still practically the best thing on TV. I love him and Skills and the other guys hanging out.

Potential spoilers, though I doubt it--wait, I added major spoilersCollapse )

Anywho. It's weird writing all that. I haven't really missed the show, exactly, my TV schedule is more than full with other things. But I do have my memories of them, and even when the writing sucks, the characters are still my kids.